The 5 Biggest Announcements From Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

During August 2020’s Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung announced five new devices in its Galaxy range. If you weren’t lucky enough to watch the presentation when it was live, here’s a summary of the event, with everything you need to know about the five devices.

1. Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

Samsung opened the Galaxy Unpacked event with the Galaxy Note 20. It comes in two versions: the regular Note 20, and the Note 20 Ultra. The Note 20 boasts a 6.7-inch screen, while the 20 Ultra boasts a 6.9-inch display.

Both phones sport an “intelligent battery” and can charge up to 50 percent in 30 minutes. They also have one selfie camera on the front, plus three cameras on the back: an ultra-wide, wide-angle, and a telephoto camera.

The Galaxy Note 20 will cost $999, while the Note 20 Ultra will cost $1,299. Pre-orders start on August 6 and the phone launches on August 21.

2. Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ Tablet

The new Galaxy Tab also comes in two different versions: the S7 and S7+. The S7 has an 11-inch screen, while the S7+ features a 12.4-inch display.

The new multiple screen feature on the Tab S7 from Galaxy Unpacked

The tablet comes with a keyboard that snaps on quickly. The keyboard itself features a trackpad with multiple finger gesture support. On the tablet, you can run three apps at the same time by dividing the screen up into three windows for better multitasking.

The Tab S7 will start at $649, and the S7+ at $849. They will be released on August 21.

3. Galaxy Buds Live

The Galaxy Buds Live are wireless in-ear headphones. They sport a 6-hour battery life with continuous use, and the included charge case’s battery lasts for 21 hours.

The Buds Live use active noise cancellation that blocks out unwanted noise while preserving what you want to hear. The earbuds come with three microphones for phone calls, which actively reduces background noise for better call quality.

The Galaxy Buds Live will set you back $170 and will be available on August 6.

4. Galaxy Watch 3

Next, we have Samsung’s latest entry into digital wearables, the Galaxy Watch 3. It comes in two sizes: a 41-millimeter and a 45-millimeter model. Because it’s a digital watch, you can swap out the watch’s face with over 80,000 designs. The watch can also measure blood pressure, ECG, and blood oxygen saturation.

The 41-millimeter Watch 3 will start at $400, and the 45-millimeter version will start at $430. Both will release on August 6.

5. Galaxy Z Fold 2

Finally, there’s the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The Z Fold 2 is a smartphone that can open up into a larger screen. The front screen has a 6.2-inch cover display, while the inner screen is 7.6-inches. It can also hold a partially-unfolded position for watching videos on a table.

Samsung will reveal more details about this phone and open for pre-orders on September 1, 2020, with the device priced at $1,980.

Breaking Open the Galaxy Unpacked Announcements

During the August 2020 Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung made some intriguing announcements across different technology markets. From phones and tablets to earbuds and watches, Samsung fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

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