Best Wireless Mouse Of 2021

Best Wireless Mouse Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Logitech MX Master 3

Linux/Mac/Windows compatible Get it on Amazon

2S Wireless Mouse

4000 DPI laser sensor Get it on Amazon

Magic Mouse 2

Multi-touch gestures Get it on Amazon

Logitech M570

Good battery life Get it on Amazon

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse

Comfortable Get it on Amazon

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705

Durable battery Get it on Amazon

FD V8 Ultrathin Silent Travel Mouse

Lightweight Get it on Amazon

Pictek Wireless Gaming Mouse

Virtually silent Get it on Amazon

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed

Best for gaming Get it on Amazon

 Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED

11 programmable buttons Get it on Amazon



We’ve  reviewed the best wireless mouse available in the market today. These mouse are durable, comfortable to use and are compatible with both Mac and Windows PC.

So, without further delay, why not check out the best wireless mouse we’ve discovered for you below.

Best Wireless Mouse Buying Guide

PC versus Macintosh compatibility: It’s simpler to discover mouse that works with Windows and Mac working frameworks than it is to discover consoles that do both. All things considered, it’s critical to ensure the remote mouse you pick is perfect with your framework. In case you’re utilizing a Windows-arranged mouse with a Mac, consider remapping its button to make it simpler to utilize.

Bluetooth versus USB: There are preferences to both bluetooth like that of a fitness tracker and USB mouse. Bluetooth mouse is really convenient. They interface with a collector in your PC, so there’s no dongle required. Then again, Bluetooth mouse can some of the time have more execution and association issues than their USB partners.

Portability: If you need a mouse that you can take out and about, it’s critical to consider whether you need a full-size mouse or a little one. Nonetheless, a convenient mouse normally isn’t ergonomic — they may cause more strain than the full-size forms that are intended to accommodate your hand.

Best Wireless Mouse in Compactibility

Razer Basilisk X

In the event that you pay attention to PC gaming, the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is the ideal remote mouse for you. This mouse highlights a double network: Bluetooth for power productivity and Hyperspeed remote availability for ultra-low inactivity gaming. It likewise includes frequency obstruction to decrease innovation so you won’t have network issues in the event that you utilize plenty of remote peripherals for one PC.

With six programmable fastens and up to 16,000 DPI affectability, this mouse can do pretty much anything. It has locally available memory to amass to five distinct profiles and has a DPI change to alter affectability on the fly. You can set catch information sources and affectability levels in Razor’s Synapse 3 program.

The mouse has mechanical switches for the entirety of the catches for toughness and dependable information responses. Each switch is appraised for up to 50million snaps. The mouse runs on a solitary AA battery, and it can give you 450 hours of utilization while utilizing Bluetooth network and as long as 285 hours of utilization while associated with Hyperspeed.

Pros Pros
6 programmable buttons Not RGB
Mechanical switches

Logitech G502

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed remote mouse is an extraordinary decision for anybody ready to spend more to get a quality mouse. This mouse highlights 11 programmable buttons, including a tilting scroll wheel. You can alter your button design and contributions with the Logitech G center point application. You can likewise utilize the application to set custom RGB lighting and hues. The DPI affectability switch permits you to go from 100 to up to 16,000 DPI on the fly.

It likewise has a catch to switch your parchment wheel from fastener to free-scroll mode. This mouse comes bundled with six loads that you can include and evacuate when you have to change how overwhelming your mouse is for a unique set-up. With Logitech’s Lightspeed association innovation, this mouse has a blasting quick 1ms reaction time to give you that additional edge when gaming.

On a full charge, the mouse offers you 60 hours of utilization, and only five minutes of charging gives you 2.5 long periods of utilization. This is ideal for brisk charging during competitions or when you have to work rapidly. It’s likewise good with Logitech’s PowerPlay remote charging mouse cushions for endless force.

Pros Pros
11 programmable buttons Not compatible with Qi wireless

Logitech MX Master

In case you’re in the market for a wireless mouse, the Logitech MX Master 3 is the ideal choice for both home and office use. It weighs simply 4.97 ounces and highlights an ergonomic profile so it’s comfortable to use for long workdays. The middle and thumb scroll wheels are made of machined steel for toughness and style. The mouse has six buttons, including one that empowers signal based orders and one that switches your parchment wheel from wrench to free-turn.

The mouse has application explicit controls for loads of various projects, including Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office, and Final Cut Pro. It’s good with Linux, Windows, and macOS based PCs and can be connected to up to three gadgets one after another with Bluetooth or USB beneficiary availability.

This makes it simple to work and move documents between different PCs. The battery takes you up to 70 days of utilization on a solitary full charge, and only one moment of charge time allows you three hours of utilization; ideal for when you neglect to charge it medium-term and need to get the chance to work rapidly.

Pros Pros
Quick charge Expensive
Linux/Mac/Windows compatible

Best Wireless Mouse in Battery

Logitech MX 2S

Logitech’s Anywhere Mouse “works wherever you do,” from office work areas and kitchen islands to café tables and plane plate tables. It can likewise explore flawlessly between up to three PC screens, reordering content and pictures starting with one screen then onto the next. It flaunts a 4000 DPI laser sensor that gives you smooth tracking on practically any surface, including glass.

The mouse’s structure is made for solace and profitability, including hyper looking over and adaptable buttons through the Logitech Options Software. Be that as it may, what great is a remote mouse without a dependable battery? The MX Anywhere 2S holds an energized for to 70 days and can be beaten up with an entire day’s charge in only four minutes by means of MicroUSB.

In testing, our analyst noticed the Anywhere “has an awesome battery life, is extraordinarily agreeable for its size, offers a lot of customization and by and large looks extraordinary.”

Pros Pros
Quick charge Nowhere to store the USB receiver
Works on nearly any surface

Logitech Marathon M705

Logitech’s Marathon Mouse M705 is fittingly named with the battery life that can last as long as three years. The M705 is so power-proficient that it can immensely outlive most remote mouse alternatives available by 2x the complete battery life. Luckily, battery life isn’t all the M705 progresses nicely. It has an ergonomic plan with an etched shape that accommodates your hand normally.

The propelled tracking offers ultra-responsive and precise cursor control while taking a shot at different surfaces without avoiding a beat. The three incorporated thumb button offers snappy and simple performing various tasks with fast swapping between applications. With a simple to-swallow sticker price and battery life that can last longer than your PC, there’s a lot of motivation to give the M705 a look.

Pros Pros
Lasts up to three years on a single battery Usage limited to right hand only
Thumb buttons for convenient multi-tasking

Magic Mouse 2

Planned exclusively for Apple’s PC line, the Magic Mouse 2 is a run of the mill Apple structure that skips on button and parchment haggles for a multi-contact surface. Swiping between Web pages or looking through archives requires just the brush of a finger with negligible work area obstruction, on account of a streamlined foot plan.

The implicit battery keeps going around 30 days before requiring a revive through the included Lightning-to-USB link (it’ll completely charge in nine hours). Apple’s incorporation of multi-contact motions, for example, swiping, looking over and zooming are every one of the invigorating methods to utilize the mouse.

Weighing simply 7.2-ounces, Apple’s one of a kind interpretation of the mouse offers an adoration it-or-detest it approaches yet on the off chance that you love it, its list of capabilities is difficult to stand up to. Our analyzer, Gannon, called the Magic Mouse 2 “a smooth and upscale remote mouse” and applauded its “one of a kind multitouch top.”

Pros Pros
Long battery life Inability to use it while charging
Looks fantastic

Logitech M570

Logitech’s M570 remote trackball mouse probably won’t be the most attractive of the pack, however, its etched shape helps to back and keep your turn in one spot. The trackball bears all the outstanding tasks at hand weight with smooth, exact cursor control whether you’re chipping away at your work area or some other room in the home or office.

With battery life useful for as long as a year and a half on one included AA battery, the 2.4GHz remote association works up to 30 feet away on the two Windows and Mac working frameworks.

With a gathering of catches and a one of a kind structure, there’s a lot of motivation to think this mouse speaks to another entire method for working on the web. Our own analyst called the M570 “the most agreeable mouse out there” and applauded it at its reasonable cost point.

Pros Pros
Long battery life

Best Wireless Mouse in Design

Logitech M510

Ergonomically, a very much planned mouse gives solace and proficiency over extensive stretches of utilization. That is the reason we love the Logitech M510 to such an extent. The mouse is molded serenely to help your hand and wrist and there are elastic holds as an afterthought for your thumb and pinky. Lamentably, the two fastens on the left side cut off its clients to righties as it were.

With respect to profitability, you can tweak easy route errands for the entirety of its button to make it simpler to do assignments, for example, switch applications, open windows, and tabs or bounce to full screen. The laser tracks easily over each surface (notwithstanding reflected ones like glass) and Logitech claims the battery endures as long as two years with day by day use.

In case you’re a power client, you’ll be satisfied to realize that Logitech’s Unifying recipient connects by means of USB and associates with up to six gadgets, including consoles, to let loose past ports.

Pros Pros
Ergonomic construction Side buttons limit usage to right hand only
Smooth tracking

FD V8 Ultrathin

Estimating 1.3 inches thick and weighing simply 3.52 ounces, the FD V8 travel mouse is amazingly smooth, making it a perfect travel ally for work trips. It likewise dispenses with 90% of snap noise, so you can work out in the open spaces without upsetting your neighbors. The FD V8 mouse accompanies a little recipient that connects to your PC’s USB port. Its 2.4GHz remote association gives precise cursor tracking (without a mouse cushion), alongside a hyper-quick pace of return speed (250Hz) at a maximum distance of 20 meters.

Also, the gadget utilizes an energy productive battery, consequently shutting down tracking 5 minutes of sitting. It needn’t bother with an on/off switch; the mouse awakens with a snappy snap and is all set. On backup, the charge will keep going for around three years. The FD V8 mouse comes in five energetic hues, each with a polished completion to light up your workspace.

Pros Pros
Ergonomic construction No On/Off switch


Need harmony and calm so as to work? The Pictek Wired Gaming Mouse is for all intents and purposes quiet, giving an interruption-free condition to you and your work area mates. The maker asserts it’s developed to keep going for to 5 million ticks, so it’ll feel like a fresh out of the plastic new mouse each time you use it.

For long gaming meetings or hard evenings at the workplace, Pictek guarantees dependable execution, without any deferrals or dropouts. The gadget additionally includes a 1000Hz surveying rate and a 7200 DPI optical sensor.

The Pictek is an attachment and-play gadget, so there’s no requirement for additional establishment programming. The mouse weighs just 5.6 ounces and measures 5.3 x 3.5 x 1.9 inches long, which fits effectively into any rucksack or travel sack.

Pros Pros
Ultra-quiet operation No fast scrolling
Contoured design


If you’re at this point of this review, then it implies you’re searching for wireless mouse and probably you’re ready to buy. The wireless mouse we’ve reviewed above is durable, comfortable to use, and are portable. Be that as it may, if you’ve found one or two above that you’ll like to buy, ensure you check all the necessary details of your preferred choice above before purchasing.