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We know how challenging it can be to get a baby too sleep. And I’m sure that you are aware that it might be even more challenging to get them to sleep in new locations.

That is why we love travel cots so much! Your baby will sleep so much better when they sleep in a familiar crib like a baby car-seat. A travel cot for baby is handy for not only for vacations with your baby, but it is also really handy for when you visit friends or grandparents as well.

In this guide, we will outline features that we love of each, as well as share any negatives that we found of the baby travel cribs as well. I hope this guide to choosing the best travel crib for baby and toddlers will help you choose the best baby travel bed for your family.

Best Travel Cot Buying Guide

Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel Cot:

When looking for the best baby travel cot, the following are some of the key things to consider and look out for:

Types of travel cot

Most lower priced cots can be classed as “basic” travel cots. That is, they function as a travel cot and apart from a thin mattress or base mat, there is little in the way of extra features like a bookshelf storage.

Some cots have a removable higher level mattress called a bassinet which is great for lifting in and out very young babies. Travel cots are also available with changing stations; another useful feature but not essential. A practical feature is a zipped side opening panel as the travel cot can then be used as a playpen when the child is older.

Size & age range

Not all travel cots have the same age range. Most basic cots have an age range of 0-3 months with larger cots being suitable for children up to 5 years. Some very lightweight like a food dehydrator pop-up cots, such as the Koo-Di, are only suitable for much younger children.


One of the key requirements of a travel cot is that it needs to be easy to assemble and disassemble and it must also be lightweight and compact for travelling. Some cots can take a few attempts before you get used to the assembly and locking system but then it’s pretty straightforward. Also, check the weight: the BabyBjorn weighs in at 6kg whereas the Graco Contour Electra is a hefty 14kg. Consider if those extras are worth the extra weight. The best lightweight travel cot is the Koo-Di at only 1.4kg (read our KooDi pop up travel cot review below).


One of the most common complaints about travel cots is the thickness of the included mattress. On nearly all models the mattress is very thin and it is often advisable to pad this out or purchase a separate travel cot mattress. The BabyBjorn does include a thick mattress but then again, its very expensive like a mobile workstation laptop!

Best Travel Cot in Portability


Age: Birth to three years| Weight: 6kg| Extra features: Mattress, carry bag

Acclaim be to Björn Jakobson, the granddaddy of everything infant related — his brainchild BabyBjorn still stands out with regards to travel cot, with this one getting our top spot for its pragmatic, pediatrician-endorsed design.

The foldable travel cot packs down into a slick portable case with cushioned shoulder lashes and a midsection belt for simple transportation, and analysts adored how minimized it was, also simple to set up, which is a genuine reward when there’s unloading to be finished like a dashboard camera

The sleeping cushion has been planned related to pediatric authorities to offer the most ideal help, yet the main issue is that it’s at floor level, so in the event that you have shorter arms, remember it may require some exertion or the assistance of a taller relative.

Pros Cons
Fully featured travel bag Floor level is a bit of a stretch
Supportive mattress


Age: Birth to three years| Weight: 10kg| Extra features: Cotton sheets, baby change mat, insect net, mattress & travel bag

The thing about parenthood is that you generally have your hands full, and with regards to going with kids, that goes double. So welcome the SENA Aire, an insightfully structured travel bed from premium infant gear brand Nuna that can be set-up rapidly, yet with one hand.

Its crisscross legs spring up immediately and accompany cushioned edges so you can’t trap your finger in a pivot while you’re seeing it up. In any case, the SENA Aire’s primary USP is the thing that its name proposes; a propelled air configuration conveys the most extreme wind stream that will give its occupant more profound times of rest. That is the hypothesis.

Somewhere else, the SENA Aire gives the voyaging guardians all that they need, including a sleeping cushion, sheets, a bug net, and even cotton sheets. The best part is that’s everything machine launderable and goes flawlessly into a movement pack.

Pros Cons
Ventilation and airflow Heavier than most
Set-up with one hand


Age: Birth to six months| Weight: 1kg| Extra features: Padded mattress, mosquito net, blackout/sunblock blind, carry bag

Intended for use in the house or out in the nursery, at the beach or for trips someplace rather sunnier, the Koo-Di Sun and Sleep Travel cot appears to be a flexible alternative for keeping the littlest individual from your gathering glad, cool, and out of the sun.

The work sides are expected for ventilation like an electric bike  and genuine feelings of serenity, permitting you to beware of them as they (ideally) rest, while the coordinated flash up mosquito net keeps snack under control, and the power outage daze professes to square 93 percent of every single hurtful beam.

That is all truly cutting edge for a travel cot, making it our most solid option for movement abroad and sweltering summer days at home.

Pros Cons
Very light and portable Only suitable for up to six months
Great sun and heat protection

Best Travel Cot in Weight


Age: birth to six months| Weight: 4.1kg| Extra features: Mattress with washable covers, and mesh canopy

Here’s one for adolescents taking their first flights. Appropriate for the under a half year swarm, this straightforward den won’t be with you for long, however, it’s certain to intrigue any parent considering taking a trip to hotshot their new expansion.

A straightforward and decent looking lodging that could without much of a stretch be utilized at home, the Cocoon is smaller and lightweight enough for movement, in any event, conforming to worldwide flight benchmarks (IATA) so it tends to be taken on a plane as hand gear and stowed in overhead storage compartments.

It additionally incorporates a work shelter that shields the child from the outside world – including creepy crawlies, pets, and inquisitive passers-by – while acting naturally built molecule straightforward, breathable work boards. The Cocoon is likewise simple to set-up, with four locking joints on its overlap out base for most extreme dependability.

Pros Cons
Hand luggage-sized for planes Short shelf-life
Compact and lightweight


Age: Birth to three years| Weight: 3.2kg| Extra features: Collapsable to suitcase size

Like the BabyBjorn travel cot, this Phil and Ted’s choice is reasonable for use from birth to three years, making it a decent alternative in case you’re after a more drawn out term arrangement.

The huge distinction between the two is that this little number is progressively fit to long stretch travel, with a load of simply 3.2 kilograms and an ultra-minimized design that is defined to fit in a bag, baggage storage, or even the extra room of your surrey.

Commentators discovered it was somewhat unbalanced to set up, yet that it was light, solid, and comfortable enough to compensate for it, so we figure it sounds fine in case you’re setting up camp for some time.

Pros Cons
Packs down really small Set up is a bit awkward


Age: 0+ years|Weight: 2.25kg| Extra features: foam mattress and washable cotton cover

Alright, it’s a tent. Get over it. Children love outdoors! Genuinely, however, the tent-style Arc 2 has a great deal putting it all on the line, particularly in the event that you travel a ton on the grounds that the Arc 2 gets together into a little lightweight rucksack.

A spring up tent gauging an insignificant 2.5kg, it utilizes shading coded, lightweight aluminum posts and accompanies a Velcro-appended froth sleeping cushion and launderable cotton spread.

Despite the fact that it tends to be utilized inside consummately well, as its plan recommends, Arc 2 can likewise be utilized outside, and be made sure about with tent pegs. It fills in as a bed, a playpen, and similarly as a spot to keep a youngster out of the sun. In case you’re an outdoorsy sort of a family, Arc 2 is an easy decision.

Pros Cons
Great for the outdoors Looks like a tent

Best Travel Cot in Design


Age: Birth to 18 months| Weight: 8.8kg| Extra features: Padded mattress, converts from crib to bed

This expandable travel cot gives the choice for various profundities as they develop, giving it more enduring force than a portion of our littler picks, and making it, as indicated by upbeat analysts, an incredible transitional cot.

Clients cherished that it was tough and simple to assemble, yet thought that it was somewhat overwhelming to convey — despite the fact that, while the movement pack is more unwieldy than it’s BabyBjorn proportional, some may welcome that it looks increasingly like your normal insignificant tote sack instead of a child explicit behemoth.

By and large, it’s concurred that the quality is first-rate and the arrangement basic, however in the event that you need to travel far, you may be better set going for something like Phil and Ted’s travel cot.

Pros Cons
Adjustable depth Heavy
Easy to set up


Age: Birth to six months (as a cot)| Weight: 6kg| Extra features: Carry bag, mattress

In the event that the blend of speedy arrangement and solidness is the sacred goal of a travel cot, at that point call us Indiana Jones, since we appear to have discovered it in the SpaceCot Travel Cot.

The producers state it opens and shut-in only three seconds — a major gloat, yet analysts vouch for its veracity. They thought that it was excessively simple to set up like a macbook laptop and cherished the included separable den levels and beddings that let it function as a cot as long as a half year and a playpen as long as 30 months.

In the event that you much of the time end up with your hands unreasonably full for faffing around, all signs point to this simple up cot being a decent purchase.

Pros Cons
Use as a cot or a playpen Not the most longevity as a playpen
Very easy to set up


Age: Birth to three years| Weight: 15.1kg| Extra features: Wheels, rocker, changing unit, light and sound, detachable toys, bassinet mattress

Attempting to get them off to rest isn’t the main thing that can demonstrate precarious out and about – there’s likewise the little matter of changing to take care of. Fortunately, some sharp stops up at Joie have made a travel cot that bends over as an evolving table.

As a matter of fact, make that triples up, on the grounds that it likewise packs in a mitigating rocker with delicate toys. Also, it has wheels! With a dry spell safe base and work lining for an agreeable rest, a rocker/bassinet for calming and snoozes, and a changing table for you-realize what, analysts concur this is an incredibly versatile alternative for when you need to streamline your stuff.

Simply know that it’s exceptionally enormous and extremely overwhelming, so it’s not the best for little vehicles and positively won’t fit in a bag, however, gosh darn is it adaptable.

Pros Cons
Changing table, cot, and rocker in one Very heavy
Wheeled design


Looking at our review, each travel cot has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the cots that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

If you’ve read this review, it implies you’re searching for the best travel cot to buy and we’re totally sure you must have found one or two among our list that you’ll like to purchase. If that be the case, kindly ensure you check all the necessary details of your preferred choice before purchasing.