Best Subwoofer Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch

low distortion and warm bass Get it on Amazon

BIC Acoustec PL-200 II Subwoofer

Has a peak of 1000 watts Get it on Amazon

BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt

Comes an output of up to 116Db Get it on Amazon

Klipsch Reference R-112SW

delivers 600 watts Get it on Amazon

Sonos SUB

Has a super simple one-button setup Get it on Amazon

Klipsch Sub-12HG Synergy Series 12-Inch

Great output and design Get it on Amazon

ELAC S10 Debut Series 200 Watt Powered Subwoofer

Comes with an amazing low frequency with a stunning sense of realism Get it on Amazon

SVS 16″ 1500W Powered Subwoofer

Energy-efficient and great design Get it on Amazon

Klipsch R-110SW 10” 200 Watt Subwoofer

Powerful sound, great design Get it on Amazon

 Samsung sound W700

Clean design Get it on Amazon



On our guide today, we’ve reviewed of the most powerful, efficient, and durable subwoofers money can buy. These gadgets are designed to perfection and are worth whatever price tag you find on them.

So, without further ado, let’s head down to our list of the best subwoofer in the market right now.


Size: when all is said in done, subwoofers with bigger surface zones play deeper sound. Be that as it may, you’ll likewise need to consider the size like that of a carpet cleaner of your different speakers to guarantee that the general sound profile is adjusted. An 8-inch or 10-inch subwoofer is appropriate for essential bookshelf speakers, yet on the off chance that you have tower speakers, search for one that is 12 inches (or more).

Placement: You’ll have to pick between a front-terminating and down-terminating subwoofer — and which one is best for your space relies upon where you’ll put it. In the event that it’ll sit close to your different speakers, we prescribe a front-terminating subwoofer, yet on the off chance that it’ll be situated in a corner or on a side wall, go for a down-terminating one like a faucet water filter.

Power: Subwoofers have worked in speakers that are improved to team up with the drivers. This yields most extreme execution like a comcorder, so you, for the most part, needn’t bother with a lot of capacity to convey blasting bass. In any case, the bigger the room, the more dominant subwoofer you’ll require.

Best Subwoofers  in Power Efficiency

Polk Audio PSW505

From a name surely understood to audiophiles, and meriting their excellent notoriety, Polk offers the PSW505, a solitary fueled home subwoofer that conveys chest-pounding bass and dynamic execution in a sound that is profound, boisterous and clear.

This subwoofer gives 300 watts of constant force and 460 watts dynamic, with enormous hi-roll encompasses supporting a 12″ toss. It has a recurrence scope of 23 – 160Hz. There are a movable low-pass hybrid, volume control, and stage change to empower smooth mixing with speakers.

Furthermore, the subwoofer’s space load venting makes for good bass reaction, lessens choppiness, commotion, and twisting. With respect to its eco-kind disposition, the subwoofer consequently shuts down following 15 minutes of latency to diminish energy utilization like a wifi extender.

Pros Cons
Great bass sound

Sonos SUB

With regard to remote sound frameworks, Sonos has truly verified its place in the business. You can barely even discuss Bluetooth speakers without raising the organization’s multi-room, speaker handoff frameworks.

In any case, when you’re taking a look at the Play:1s or Play:3s, you can without much of a stretch overlook that these littler speakers, regardless of whether combined in stereo pairs, don’t offer much in the method for the low end.

That is the place Sonos’ SUB framework becomes possibly the most important factor. Much like a subwoofer in a standard wired framework, this one will give you a truly full, profound low end. Sonos has utilized a similar rationale of straightforwardness with this framework as the remainder of their speaker contributions, giving you a too basic one-button arrangement that won’t require overthinking to make it go.

The thin, classy cupboard can either be shown on the floor outside the framework or slide inside a cupboard. There are power dropping drivers situated inside the bureau up close and personal that takes into consideration full, liberated bass reaction, so you don’t need to stress over bureau humming, shaking or some other antiquities to the sound.

Furthermore, much the same as the remainder of the Sonos family, it would all be able to be associated and controlled remotely to the remainder of the framework with the Sonos application.

Pros Cons
portable expensive
Great design

SVS 16″

The SVS 16″ 1500W Powered Subwoofer isn’t modest, however for bass this extraordinary, it merits each penny. The subwoofer has style to save with a shiny dark piano completion, yet underneath its complex outside, it’s concealing a beast.

A look inside the gadget uncovers a tremendous 16-inch Ultra driver, an 8-inch, edge-wound voice loop, and a consistent 1,500-watt Sledge enhancer — all which collaborate to make mind-boggling sound with up to 5000 watts of all-out force.

The SVS makes such a sensible soundscape, that you’ll feel like you’re truly there when watching films or messing around. The recurrence reaction covers from 16-460Hz, an extraordinarily flexible range with XLR adjusted sound to suit any sort of sound like a cb radio you can envision. Music darlings will savor the experience of the punchy, first-line quality it gives live chronicles.

Pros Cons
Energy efficient expensive
Comes with lots of features

Best Subwoofers in Price

Polk Audio PSW

The Polk Audio PSW 10-Inch Woofer model offers you an excellent bass reaction without the need to occupy the room of the other 12-inch units on this rundown, which is extraordinary for increasingly minimized spaces like condos. It offers 100W pinnacle power taking care of with negligible twisting all through a large portion of that range.

How can it offer that negligible mutilation? Utilizing the Klippel contortion analyzer. This Laser interferometry tech really investigates the bending and offsets it by advancing the woofer’s engine structure and voice loop arrangement. This gives you next to no buzz in playback, which is significant for such a boisterous, low-recurrence gadget.

The flared, front-terminating cone gives you an extraordinary reaction right to the seating territory, yet it’s critical to take note of that, dissimilar to the opposite side-terminating choices like a vegetable peeler on this rundown, you can’t generally put it concealed away anyplace.

The reaction offers 30 to 200Hz, so it covers essentially the entirety of the low finishes yet doesn’t offer the full range of profundity that a portion of the more costly models give you. Balance this all with a white cone before the dark enclosure, and it gives you a pretty attractive look, as well.

Pros Cons

BIC Acoustec PL-200 II

The BIC Acoustec PL-200 II Subwoofer permits you to encounter cinema sound quality, making activity groupings appear to be all the more genuine, and permitting you to feel all the feeling of tragic signature music.

It has a rich, profound sound with a reasonable, lively bass and a decent low-recurrence reaction. Its 250 watts, with 1000 watts at the top, permitting it to truly shake the room.

The BIC Acoustec is an incredible expansion to any home theater framework, and it’s still to some degree spending plan inviting.

Pros Cons

Klipsch Sub-12HG

The Klipsch Synergy Sub-12 is a full-size subwoofer with a 12″ cone, 300-watt BASH advanced amp and various network choices. It has a recurrence scope of 24 – 120Hz and highlights a variable low pass channel, stage control and level alteration, which makes it an ideal expansion to any home sound system or theater framework.

You’ll locate a huge venting port, stereo RCA line-level sources of info and stereo speaker level data sources and yields. The hybrid constantly changes from 40 to 120Hz to give an expansive scope of frequencies.

The down and out power of this subwoofer is profound, room-shaking, at the same time being shockingly instructed, point by point and pitch precisely. The bass has outstanding oomph here, making it a genuine delight to the ears.

At the point when matched up with a decent arrangement of speakers, the Klipsch Sub 12HG Synergy Series subwoofer conveys two of the 10 least octaves that can be distinguished by the human ear. You get an expanded bass reaction, low mutilation, and warm, rich bass that you’ll feel and hear.

Pros Cons
Great sound

Best Subwoofers in Sound Output

BIC America

Ceaseless mid-range and high-recurrence horns are the top decision of cinema sound specialists, favored for their capacity to permit audience members to hear everything from the mildest of murmurs to the most blasting of blasts in outrageous detail. What’s more, the BIC’s horn drivers are unmatched as far as lucidity and range.

With a BASH amp, known for exceeding expectations at loyalty, this subwoofer has an output capacity of up to 116dB, which is equal to seeing a live stone exhibition. It has a recurrence scope of 25 – 200Hz. This subwoofer is depicted as “amazing and punchy.” It is a movable hybrid, and the protected BIC “Venturi” vent counteracts port commotion at higher volumes.

Pros Cons
Well designed expensive
Great sound

Klipsch Reference

The Klipsch Reference R-112SW is a really ground-breaking subwoofer that conveys 600 watts of amazing bass in a delightful case. The R-112SW has a basic yet refined plan with spun copper sitting in the unit that can give uncommonly low frequencies.

This present model’s greatest selling point outside of the amazing bass reaction is the way that it’s remote, so you can put the subwoofer in any place it sounds best in your ideal room. With the unit estimating 18.2 x 15.5 x 17.4 inches and weighing about 50 pounds, that adaptability of arrangement will prove to be useful.

Generally speaking, this subwoofer works extraordinary for both music and motion pictures, with a blasting sound that never gets sloppy. This model can likewise be effectively damaged, so be cautious when unpacking it and moving it around the house on the off chance that you choose to buy it.

Pros Cons
Great sound Its fragile


The ELAC S10 Debut Series 200 Watt Powered Subwoofer with 10″ bass driver renders astounding low frequencies with a dazzling feeling of authenticity. It incorporates a BASH amp that works at 200 watts of intensity RMS and 400 watts of intensity at top.

The recurrence reaction is 28-150Hz, and it includes a constantly flexible hybrid at 50-150Hz. The subwoofer gives programmed balance to the room condition.

ELAC has even gained by the portable application insurgency, permitting conventional simple controls to be controlled through a cell phone with the ELAC SUB control application.

Pros Cons
Powerful sound
Simple to operate

Klipsch R-110SW 10

This Klipsch subwoofer has a noteworthy recurrence scope of 27 – 150Hz. Minimized and sharp, this front-terminating subwoofer gives a tight melodic bass proliferation for added profundity to your preferred music and motion pictures with insignificant distance and twisting. The incorporated all-advanced amp conveys a hard-hitting and incredible bass.

The front spaceports take into account a vivacious recurrence even at low range, while the MDF Plinth’s acoustic decoupling procedure makes an incredible impact that limits surrounding room commotion. This subwoofer bolsters a remote connector pack for the individuals who need to go remote or effectively change the arrangement in any room.

At 200 watts of constant force and the capacity to deal with blasts up to 450 watts, it is sufficiently amazing to permit you to hear and feel even the subtlest of impacts. Audiophiles who appreciate a wide scope of music, anything from classical to jazz, to hard rock, will value the recurrence scope of the Klipsch. It conveys the highs, the lows and everything in the middle of effortlessly.

Pros Cons
Supports a remote connector pack
Offers a  Wide Frequency Range

Samsung SWA-W700

Intended to work nearby the remainder of the Samsung Sound+ arrangement, this Samsung SWA subwoofer includes a downplayed, clean design to your parlor sound arrangement. The ultra-profound 27 kHz bass reaction is, in fact, lower than the human ear can really hear, yet it will include some extra non-sound-related thunder to the room also, so the reaction on this unit will be a bounty for your arrangement.

The SWA-W700 additionally offers you the capacity to interface remotely, so you can put the subwoofer anyplace in the room and aren’t fastened to the focal diversion focus in your front room. At the point when associated with the Sound+ focus speaker, it will entirely tune itself accurately to the framework so there will be discernible evenness, as well.

There’s even some contortion dropping tech assembled directly in, so you won’t get that normal bass-level buzz and clatter so basic in lower dollar framework. Balance that with unibody development and the capacity to uncover a wonderful speaker cone by expelling the barbecue, and you have an extremely extraordinary looking framework that you won’t have any desire to shroud away behind the cabinet.

Pros Cons
Great design


If you observe carefully, each subwoofer has been carefully categorized according to our survey result. Also, take note that the subwoofers that didn’t meet our standard were excluded from this list.

We’re are sure you must have found one or two of these gadgets you’re interested in. If that be the case, we suggest that you take as much time as is needed before settling on your choice with the goal that you make certain of what you need. Ensure you check the features, pros, and cons before you purchase.