Best Sound Cards For PCs of 2021



StarTech 7.1 Channel Sound Card PEXSOUND7CH

7.1 Surround/Small Form Factor/Optical, SPDIF & 3.5mm outputs GET IT ON AMAZON

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX 

Supports 5.1 Surround/Very Affordable GET IT ON AMAZON

Asus Xonar GHX PCIe GX2.5 5.1

Cheap/5.1 surround sound GET IT ON AMAZON

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy PCI-E RX 7.1 Sound Card

Great Value/7.1 Surround Sound/Affordable GET IT ON AMAZON

HT OMEGA CLARO II 7.1 Channel PCI Sound Card

Great Audio Processor/7.1 Surround Sound/Linux and Windows support GET IT ON AMAZON

Sound Blaster Z PCI-E Gaming Sound Card

Reasonably Affordable/Built-in Mic/Easily switch between headphones and speakers GET IT ON AMAZON


Great Software/600 Ohm headphone AMP/Great Sound GET IT ON AMAZON

Creative SoundBlaster ZxR

Great sound quality/Far better gaming audio than onboard/Built-in microphone GET IT ON AMAZON

ASUS PCI-Express x1 Sound Card

Great sound production/Easy to install GET IT ON AMAZON

Startech External Soundcard

Dual-Mic input/Ten ports should be enough for anyone/7.1 Surround Sound support GET IT ON AMAZON



If you have been looking for ways to improve the sound quality of your computer, well congratulations because you just found not just one but several way to do that. Although it’s great having the best headphones or even the best speakers without the best sound cards, they may not function in full capacity.

However, we’ll be looking at the best sound cards today. As we always do, we’ve done our research and came up with these sound cards which have been tested and certified as the best Sound Cards. So be rest assured that whatever you’re looking for in a sound card, you’ll surely get it here. check out our other publication like kid toy electric ride, digital camera, gaming phones, mug warmers, office coffee maker.


Sampling rate

All current sound cards support waveform audio playback at 44,100, 22,050, 11,025, and 8,000 Hz. Many also support various intermediate playback rates and the DAT-standard 48,000 Hz. Some cards record only at 44,100 Hz, although most also offer other standard rates.

Signal-to-Noise ratio

Signal-to-Noise ratio (S/N ratio), stated in dB, measures the amount of signal (data) relative to noise, with higher numbers indicating better performance. A low S/N ratio translates to audible hiss. The best sound cards have 95 dB or greater S/N for analog audio; midrange cards about 90 dB; and inexpensive cards may have 85 dB or less. It’s not unusual for a card to have somewhat lower S/N ratio for digital recording and digital playback.

Duplex mode

Half-duplex sound cards can either play sound or record sound, but not both at the same time.Full-duplex sound cards do both simultaneously. For simple tasks?listening to CDs or playing games?a half-duplex card is adequate. More advanced audio functions, such as Internet telephony and voice recognition, require a full-duplex card. Most midrange and all high-end sound cards are full-duplex.

Standards compatibility

In the past, software wrote directly to the sound card. That meant that compatibility with proprietary standards?initially AdLib and later Sound Blaster?was important because if your game or application didn’t explicitly support your sound card, you simply couldn’t use sound with that software. Microsoft took the initiative away from sound card manufacturers by incorporating standard sound APIs into Windows. Here are the standards you should be aware of:

Sound Blaster

Sound Blaster compatibility, formerly a sine qua non for any sound card, is now largely immaterial except to those who still use DOS software, including DOS games. True Sound Blaster compatibility requires fixed IRQ, I/O port, and DMA assignments, whereas PCI cards are assigned resources dynamically. Within those constraints, all Creative Labs sound cards and most competing cards boast (nearly) full Sound Blaster compatibility.

Microsoft DirectSound

Microsoft DirectSound (DS) is a component of DirectX. Developers can write to the DS API, rather than to the underlying hardware, with the assurance that their software will function with any DS-compatible sound card. DS compatibility has replaced Sound Blaster compatibility as an absolute requirement for any sound card.

Microsoft DirectSound3D

Microsoft DirectSound3D (DS3D) is an extension to DS that supports 3D positional audio, which is a technology that manipulates sound information to extend stereo imaging to full surround sound, allowing sounds to appear to come from any position around you.

Aureal A3D

A3D2.0 is supported only by the Vortex2 chipset, whereas the earlier and less-capable A3D1.0 is supported by both the Vortex and Vortex2 chipsets. A3D1.0 provides realistic 3D imaging even on dual-speaker systems or headphones. A3D2.0 provides extraordinary 3D effects, particularly on quad-speaker systems. A3D achieved broad support from game software manufacturers. For software without A3D support, A3D hardware drops back to using DS3D.

Creative Labs EAX

Creative Labs EAX (Environmental Audio Extensions) is basically a proprietary Creative Labs extension to DirectSound3D. EAX 1.0 is technically less ambitious than A3D2.0, but provides reasonable 3D imaging. EAX 2.0 and EAX Advanced HD Multi-Environment are significant enhancements that match A3D2.0 in most respects and exceed it in many. Given the dominance of Creative Labs, the various flavors of EAX are widely supported by game software.


StarTech 7.1 Channel Sound Card PEXSOUND7CH

In the event that you can move beyond the StarTech 7.1, Sound Cards looks, at that point this is an entirely moderate 7.1 Surround sound card.

It’s an adaptable gadget, that will enable you to utilize it from numerous points of view, while as yet keeping up a little size. Although not everyone will like the design, considering the cost and other features, this sound can be named as one of the best sound cards money can buy.

Optical, SPDIF & 3.5mm outputs No EMI Shield
7.1 Surround

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX 

In the event that you’re simply searching for a cheap sound card, at that point the Audigy FX ought to be your best alternative, It is effectively the least expensive choice on this list.

This shouldn’t imply that it’s terrible, as it highlights 5.1 encompass sound and really great sound generation. For somebody who simply needs to attempt an inner sound card, the Audigy FX is a decent decision.

Supports 5.1 Surround Don’t use the CD
Very Affordable

Asus Xonar GHX PCIe GX2.5 5.1

Generally speaking, this is an excellent sound card at the cost. As it’s from Asus, you get a decent programming bundle that is packaged with the sound card. It’s cheap, offers good sound and easy to install.

Supports 5.1 Surround Need to download the driver from the website (Win 10)
Very Affordable

 Creative Sound Blaster Audigy PCI-E RX 7.1 Sound Card

At such a modest value, the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy ought to be at the highest priority on your rundown in case you’re searching for something on a spending limit.

At the sensible cost, you’ll be getting 7.1 surround sound for your games at the expense of one triple-A title.

On the off chance that you’re searching for the best value for your money, at that point, the Audigy is difficult to beat.

7.1 Surround Sound No EMI Shield
Very Affordable

HT OMEGA CLARO II 7.1 Channel PCI Sound Card

Looking for a sound card with great structure and sound? then you need to check out the HT Omega CLARO Sound Cards.

The CLARO’s clear and rich structure causes it to stand out. It likewise has a generally excellent sound processor that just draws out an astounding yield from the two earphones and speakers.

Remorsefully, this sound card has no support for PCI Express.

7.1 Surround Sound No PCI Express support
Linux and Windows support

Sound Blaster Z PCI-E Gaming Sound Card

In case you’re searching for a beautiful sound card that has earned the trust of numerous gamers, at that point the Sound Blaser Z PCI-E is a sound card to pay special mind to.

The main protest I have with the Sound Blaster Z isn’t simply the equipment, however, the product. It doesn’t bolster Linux and even Windows has a few issues.

This card obliterates any locally available sound card that is available and has genuinely earned its place as extraordinary compared to other sound cards for gaming.

Built-in Mic Not found
Easily switch between headphones and speakers


The Asus STRIX SOAR sound card satisfies every one of the purposes of a top-notch gaming sound card.

The Sputs out some astonishing sound at a better than average cost, however where this Sound Card genuinely stands out isn’t in the equipment, yet the product.

Asus’ Sonic Studio must be outstanding amongst other software I’ve at any point seen for sound cards as it enables you to totally tailor your sound card to your particular qualities.

600 Ohm headphone AMP Needs external 6-pin connector to power
Great Sound

Creative SoundBlaster ZxR

Generally speaking, the SoundBlaster ZXR, while costly ideas the same number of highlights as you may require.

Bundled with an Audio control module for simple volume alteration is an incredible expansion and just quality parts are utilized in this gaming soundcard.

Built-in microphone Expensive
Far better gaming audio than onboard

ASUS PCI-Express x1 Sound Card

In the event that you’d like a top of the line interior sound card that draws out the clearest of sounds in speakers and in earphones, at that point, I’d prescribe you get the Xonar Essence.

In the event that you’re searching for an audiophile quality inward soundcard, at that point, this is the one to get. It will cost you some cash, however. In the event that you are an audiophile, at that point looking to an outside sound card (or DAC) is likely your most logical option.

Great sound production Expensive
Easy to install

Startech External Soundcard

This outside sound card transforms your normal PC or work area into a 7.1 channel home theater-prepared framework.

It’s very affordable yet will give awesome sound to the cost you’re paying.

7.1 Surround Sound support No software provided
Ten ports should be enough for anyone



If you are still here it shows that you are really ready to get a sound card for your pc. We have gone through detailed research to come out with this list and be rest assured that any one buy will work perfectly for that task which you need it for. This post is made way that no matter your budget you can get one that will suit it.