Best Automatic Door Closers Compilations


National Hardware N279-794 V1345 Touch ‘n Hold Door Closer

One-touch hold-open design/Ergonomic button/Easy auto release/LifeSpan Limited Lifetime Warranty GET IT ON AMAZON

Onarway Automatic Door Closer for Middle-Weight Door

Constructed from dependable commercial-grade aluminum alloy/Suitable for doors weighing 132lbs and measuring 47.2″ in width GET IT ON AMAZON

Wright Products Standard Duty Pneumatic Closer

It has a full opening swing of 90 degrees./The door closer is available in black, white, and aluminum finishes./It has dimensions of about 2.8 x 16 x 1.3 inches. GET IT ON AMAZON

Cal-Royal 430P Commercial Grade Door Closer

The automatic door closer is non-handed. So, it can fit right or left swing doors./It’s an ANSI grade 2 commercial duty door closer./It has a spring strength of 3 and can accommodate a door up to 143 pounds GET IT ON AMAZON

FORTSTRONG FS-1306 Automatic Adjustable Closers

Made from quality aluminum and coated with zinc/High-quality steel hydraulics, securely encased and tested by over 500,000 cycles/2 fully adjustable valves to help you switch from sweep motion to catch the closing GET IT ON AMAZON

Dynasty Hardware 1614-DURO Grade 1 Door Closer

2 separate adjustment valves that control the latching and closing speeds/Includes numerous wood screws and bolts as well as self-drilling metal screws/Can be adjusted from sizes 1 to 4 allowing it to hold up to 187 pounds GET IT ON AMAZON

PRIME-LINE Safety Spring Door Closer

150lbs weight capacity/Safety spring door closer/Adjustable tension system GET IT ON AMAZON

LCN Heavy-Duty Closer Aluminum Powder-Coated Finish

Powder-coated aluminum built/Non-handed arm/Adjustable spring system GET IT ON AMAZON

Lawrence Hardware LH5016 automatic door closer

It is Grade 1 certified/Has six settings/Heavy-duty door closer material/Has installation hardware GET IT ON AMAZON

Add-A-Motor – Chicken Coop automatic door closer

Weighs 1.1 pounds/Measures 4.2 by 2.5 by 2.2 inches/Has a powerful motor/Features an AC-DC adapter GET IT ON AMAZON



Automatic door closing is a lovely technique where you don’t have to guide and watch the door until it closes. This technique saves you from wasting time closing the door. This guide is aimed at showing the best automatic door closers and also like a shoe rack. You shouldn’t hesitate to read through this guide, especially if you have the intention of buying an automatic door closer.

Even more, the automatic door closer has a mechanism like a towel rack that helps in closing the doors if it is wide open. The system operates with a powerful magnet or springs. Luckily enough, this ensures that at the workplace or home, you can enjoy the right privacy. You can go through other publications like wall mounted wine rack, natural gas wall heater, stainless steel cleaner


Things to consider before buying an automatic door closers, they are:-

Interior vs. Exterior Doors

Spring strength, which is the critical element in closing a door, ranges in sizes between 1 to 6, with the latter exerting the strongest closing force. Generally, interior doors require size 3 spring and exterior doors a size 4, as they have to close against wind and negative pressure like a television stand.

Number of Opens/Closes

This might surprise you, but most door closers you’ll find on the market have a limit to the number of times they can open and close. It will only be able to do this a certain number of times before its automatic ability dies out.

So the best door closer is obviously the one that will be able to perform consistently, even when subjected to depreciation over time.

Typically, a door closer might be able to handle up to 2 million opens and closes.

Door Width

The spring strength of the automatic door closer is determined by the width of the door. The wider the door, the greater the spring size.

Type of Door

Doors are made from different materials like glass, wood, or metal. So, make sure you get an automatic door closer that’s able to offer the required strength to close the said type of door seamlessly.


Some brands offer the period delay, which brisks within 1 or 4 minutes while others can like 4 hours. What is more, the hold button can incapacitate a time defer framework. Therefore, you do not require stressing the carport door closing for yourself when you’re clearing the garage or tidying up the carport.


More interestingly, the door closer should be fully adjustable to accommodate most door sizes. You may consider the door closers that adjusts to six levels for better performances and great stability.


National Hardware N279-794 V1345 Touch ‘n Hold Door Closer

This nifty little door closer definitely stands out for its innovative design, using a permanent lubrication system instead of a hydraulic or pneumatic one. It offers a smooth and dependable closing mechanism, like a security camera which can be stopped at any time.

For that, you’ll have an effortless one-hand/one-foot operation. If you press and hold down the top button of the closer, you can change the door’s closing position. And don’t worry; the button is ergonomically designed for your comfort as well.

Finally, we also love how simple the installation process for this closer is. No need to call for a professional; just follow the included instructions, and you’ll be good to go! Now, it’s worth noting that the closer’s closing motion might not be smooth forever; however, with its nifty specifications and low price, we think it’s a great investment.

Easy and smooth closing mechanism using permanent lubrication Not found
Super easy and quick installation

Onarway Automatic Door Closer for Middle-Weight Door

This pick from Onarway is one of the best affordable door closer we’ve come across during our research. Built from strong commercial-grade aluminum alloy and operated hydraulically, this door closer has a lot to offer.

Because this door has a size 3 spring, it can accommodate door weights of up to 132 pounds, with the ideal door width being 23.6″ to 47.2″. That makes this an ideal pick for light- to medium-duty commercial use, as well as domestic applications.

The best thing about this door closer is its ability to stay open without the use of external force. As long as the door is opened at a range of over 90 degrees, the door will remain open; just tug it back beyond 90 degrees to have it close.

Equipped with a stable and solid yet flexible shaft Not found
Built to be resistant to corrosion, rust, and abrasion

Wright Products Standard Duty Pneumatic Closer

This is Wright Products’ most popular automatic door closer. For light or medium weight doors, a single automatic door closer is enough to work a door, but in the case of heavier doors, two automatic door closers can be mounted to open and close it.

This automatic door closer has a full opening range of 90 degrees and is factory lubricated with adjustable closing speed. Colors available are white, black, and aluminum.

Two-hole end plugs are present for adjustable latching power Not found
This automatic door closer has a smooth adjustable closing speed

Cal-Royal 430P Commercial Grade Door Closer

The Cal-Royal 430P is an automatic door closer that can be easily used commercially. It is suitable for interior and medium weight exterior doors. Its unique features include its compactness combined with its functionality which is comparable to a full-sized closer. It is ideal for projects where multiple interior automatic door closers are required. It has a versatile use extending from big hotels to small houses.

This automatic door closer has a spring tension of 3 and has options of a regular or a parallel arm. A bracket for the parallel arm is included with the accessories.

It has an aluminum alloy shell for maximum durability Not found
Premium aluminum built

FORTSTRONG FS-1306 Automatic Adjustable Closers

Fitted with three hydraulic springs, the door closer is a great product that will provide better performance for elementary closing and opening the door. The product comes with detailed instructions for installation for a quick set-up. Additionally, the product is built using quality silver aluminum to guarantee extended usage and stability. Other than this, it is a fully adjustable door that will fit most doors.

The good news is that the door closer is powder-coated to prevent it from rust and corrosion. The unit is tested to support up to 500,000 cycles, making it a pick that you can rely on for years of use.

Rustproof powder-coat Not found
Durable aluminum built

Dynasty Hardware 1614-DURO Grade 1 Door Closer

The Dynasty Hardware Door Closer comes with a non-handed design that allows for parallel, top jamb, and regular arm installation. The unit has been certified and meets the ADA regulations. The unit is equipped with an adjustable back-check function that helps to prevent the uncontrolled closing or opening of the door. The door closer has also been listed by UL for fire exits and door assemblies.

The Dynasty Hardware Door Closer is designed with 2 separate adjustment valves that control the latching and closing speeds. The package includes numerous wood screws and bolts as well as self-drilling metal screws. The closer can be adjusted from sizes 1 to 4 allowing it to hold doors weighing up to 187 pounds.

Fits most doors Not found
It is quick to assemble

PRIME-LINE Safety Spring Door Closer.

PRIME-LINE Safety Spring Door Closer is the product to try out. The unit is non-handed, making it simpler to install on most doors. Besides this, it supports up to 150lbs and, therefore, fine for most sizes of doors. This product is finished in multiple colors to choose what matches the door décor.

Again, it also has adjustable tension and with affordable cost, the product is a great buy to consider.

Fine for the price Not found
Available in most colors

LCN Heavy-Duty Closer Aluminum Powder-Coated Finish

With the powder-coat finish, the door closer is a fantastic product that will serve longer and suits all conditions. It is a product of heavy-duty aluminum material, making it fit for prolonged use. Moreover, the door closer is designed in a wide range of sizes to find the ideal option that will suit your door. It is elementary and faster to set-up with all parts and instructions included. A

Other than this, it has a non-handed arm that allows for elementary installation on doors from the left and right sides. It also features a double lever arm for installation on the regular jamb.

Built to last longer Not found
Installation is faster

Lawrence Hardware LH5016 automatic door closer

With the introduction of this new automatic door closer from Lawrence to the market, it is ideal for the high traffic areas. To illustrate, it is Grade 1 certified, which makes it be the highest-quality rating that is available for the door hardware. Indeed, six settings allow one to adjust the pneumatic door closer’s speed from the swift to the gradual close.

Similarly, it has heavy-duty door closer material that can be installed either on the left or right-hand side that is securely screwed in any material frame like aluminum, wood, or steel. Even more, there is installation hardware that includes all bolts and screws needed when installing anywhere the door closer.

Suits most doors Not found
Installation is faster

Add-A-Motor – Chicken Coop automatic door closer

The Add-a-Motor automatic door closer is one with outstanding features. First, it connects to any type of door (metal, wood, or plastic). What’s more, it features a powerful motor. This motor has the power to lift or lower a 10-pound or less door. Plug it in any timer switch and save yourself some valuable time. Additionally, its reversible motor has adjustable stop settings. It stops the door at set closed and open positions. Apart from the motor are other accessories. These include an ac-dc adapter, mounting hardware, guide instructions, and a lift cable.

Moreover, this automatic door closer is also easy to install.  To sum up, it includes a safety feature and this is a safe connector that closes the door slowly to prevent any injury.

Connects to any door It jams sometimes
Fully adjustable stop settings


If you’re still here it shows that you are ready to get an automatic door closers. Automatic door closers have, in recent years, seen increased popularity in both residential and commercial areas. These closers help to open and close the doors gently without slamming or creating unpleasant noises. As mentioned, these closers are available in a variety of sizes, materials, functional features as well as safety features.