Advantages and Disadvantages Of Gaming Laptops

You know what they say about everything having both an advantage and disadvantage. Well, gaming laptops have both advantages and disadvantages. Knowing these advantages and disadvantages would make you decide whether or not you can live with the disadvantages associated with gaming laptops. Hence you are advised to read through this guide.

What is a gaming laptop?

Gaming laptops are the same as other laptops but with some upgraded features. These laptops are designed and manufactured due to advanced gaming needs. They have a high-speed CPU, upgraded RAMs, a High-quality sound system, and other upgradable parts. It isn’t as if these laptops have different applications or operating system which need some special coding etc.

Nowadays gaming laptops have some unique designs which differ from normal laptops. However, they all can be used for other tasks like drafting letters, internet surfing including gaming.

How to Use a gaming laptop?

Now you know that what is gaming laptop so it is already clear that what the use of this is. But, in-depth, the gaming laptop can be used like other laptops which we use normally. These laptops have the same operating systems which we usually use on our normal laptops or PCs. The usage of Office is the same as in normal Laptops / PCs.

Internet surfing, web browsing, emails, chatting, and other activities are similar to a normal laptop. In addition, some gaming laptops have hard keyboards like PC keyboards due to the demands of gamers which may not be liked by a normal laptop user.

In sum, there is no difference or any special usage of a gaming laptop you can use it as normal as your old laptop or like your Personal Computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaming Laptops


  • High Speed:

Gaming laptops are designed and manufactured for high-speed processing. As in games, there are multifunctional tasks being processed which need a High CPU to function smoothly.

  • RAMs:

Apart from CPU, gaming laptops have maximum numbers of new technology RAMs which provide an extra push to speed and high accuracy functionalities.

  • Maximum Graphics:

Another feature is a graphics card, gaming laptops have high graphics built-in cards that provide high-resolution quality images and game experience. The graphics cards provide support to games and graphics related software so that without any interruption or hang, tasks may run smoothly.

  • High-Quality Sound:

In gaming laptops, sounds qualities are very good than a normal laptop. Their built-in speakers and Sound Jacks provide the DTS sound system. You can enjoy a better quality of sounds on these laptops.

  • Upgradable Parts:

Most of the gaming laptops are now available with upgradable parts. You can easily change their processors, memory, mouse touchpads, and other peripherals. You need not worry about replacing the laptop for the upgrade.

  • Durable:

Laptops for gaming are more durable than normal laptops.

  • Gaming Laptops are much portable than other laptops

It is much easy to hold and carry at other places in terms of portability but this is not true in the case of weight. If you go to college then sometimes it is compulsory to carry the laptop with you. At this time, the Gaming laptop proves best itself. You can just take your college bag and carry the laptop very easily.

How can you differ the laptop and desktop? Of course, laptops are portable and desktop is not. You can easily migrate from one place to another without any disturbance in your work. In short, a new trend comes due to the gaming laptops and it is really helpful in changing the scenario in the present world because our world is changing and growing very fast in terms of technology.

  • Low Power Consumption:

One great aspect of running a laptop computer is that they are power conservative and does not need much electricity to run. This makes it work longer when running on a battery and secondly it generates less heat energy due to the small size of parts consuming small power.

  • No Heavy Cooling Needed:

As mentioned earlier that small hardware components make them run on low voltage and when the computer is super busy especially the processor and graphic cards they generate a small amount of heat energy. You do not need heavy cooling to keep your laptop under a moderate temperature. In some extreme gaming desktops especially custom ones, heat is so high that you need liquid coolants.


  • Battery:

Most of the gaming laptops have less battery backup than normal laptops. The battery life of these machines is fairly worthless since it’s running high power hardware. You will be stuck near a plug if you want to do anything more than an hour of gaming. This really defeats the purpose of using a laptop. Most people purchase laptops so that they can be portable.

  • Keyboards:

Some of the gaming laptops have hard keyboards like old fashioned for durability.

  • Expensive To Buy:

One of the biggest drawbacks of gaming laptops is that they are not cheap like desktops.

These machines value a few serious money. They are not cheap in any respect. You could buy a gaming desktop and a very good computer for the equal charge as simply one gaming laptop. You are definitely slicing out many alternatives by means of investing this type of money in hardware like this.

You can find cheap laptops but not gaming-grade models, for those you need to spend a minimum of $1000 (such as Battalion from IBuyPower) and the sky is the limit.  A new Razer laptop named Blade is super expensive and cost around $2800. On the other hand, you can find much heavy gaming desktops at affordable rates.

  • Upgradation is not available

The main demerit of Gaming Laptops that you cannot upgrade your laptop. The processing system and features are upgraded regularly. Suppose you purchased a gaming laptop with the latest operating system and features but when the new version comes you cannot able to upgrade the Gaming Laptop.

If you want to use the latest features then you must again purchase the new Laptop and your cost of the old Laptop will totally waste. Gaming Laptops are non-upgraded systems. Many games will come and go and each game needs a different version of Hardware and Software.

Neither you can purchase the new laptop again and again nor upgrade your laptop. Due to this reason, you cannot play new games on your old gaming laptop.

You have only the option to use the new gaming laptop. Just sell your old laptop and add some money then buy a new one. Only then you can enjoy the latest version with a high graphics card and processing system. But this will gets old one day when again a new version will come.

  • Popularity Amongst Gamers:

Due to up-gradation issues and expensive price tags, not a lot of pro gamers use laptops for playing games, they do use them but as a secondary computer because they consider desktop as the primary gaming machine. This trend is changing with the passage of time but still, desktops dominate the gaming market.

  • Gaming Laptops are bulky in nature

As we discussed above in the section of advantages that Gaming Laptops are much portable but the weight is high as compared to normal laptops. So, sometimes it is not much easy to carry because of its weight. Compared to normal laptops, gaming laptops weigh a bit more. They come with 2 hard disk options usually.

One is SSD and the second one is for storage which is a traditional hard disk. The gaming laptop also packs with a good dedicated graphics card, which is an extra peripheral we see missing in normal laptops.

The weight of it is a huge problem. While you might think it’s portable because it’s a laptop, it really isn’t that portable.

The size and weight of the laptops really matter a lot because it is much easy to carry and hold in public places. Gaming laptops are bulky in nature. It is the main drawback of Gaming Laptops. You cannot easily carry these laptops while you are traveling in transport by bus or trains.

When you compared gaming laptops with other normal laptops then you will find much difference in size and weight. So, if you are a traveler then this may be a problem for you.

Most of the users facing a problem with Gaming laptops due to their weight so they prefer normal laptops. So it’s up to you now. Whether you want more features in your laptop with bulky in nature or want light weighted normal laptop. You can buy according to your need and requirements according to the laptop.

  • Health Caution:

Not suitable for long hours of gameplay as it can negatively affect the health of the user due to staying in body postures that can lead to back or neck pain. Laptops come with the flexibility to place anywhere you want, if you check the word laptop, it means a computer that you can place on your lap! So be carefully to take care of your back and neck and exercise regularly.


A gaming laptop is something that many want to buy. It is up to you which type of laptop you want. If you want to use the low weighted, more size with high battery capacity laptops and you are comfortable with the non-upgraded system and budget then Gaming Laptop is best for you.