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Concept2 Model D

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Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

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Stamina Body 1050 Rowing Machine

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WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

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ProForm 750R Rower


Murtisol Air Rower 2.0

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Every rower’s sensibilities will vary, but there’s undoubtedly a machine that can offer you the rowing experience you’re looking for. Here, we’ve selected our picks for the best rowing machine options, whether you’re totally new to rowing machines or well beyond beginner level, space-conscious, data-driven or looking for something pretty.

Note that some of these picks for the best rowing machine options may be sold out or back-ordered due to production and shipping issues. Prices for the exercise equipment can change frequently online, but the below prices are accurate at the time of publishing. Check out our other publication like sound card for pc, gaming monitor, AV receiver, anti virus device, office coffee maker.


Buying a rowing machine could be one of the best decisions you make – or a complete waste of money. Before you consider buying a rower are you sure you will use it? To get fit and into shape you will need to use it at least four times a week so if you don’t enjoy the action of a rower you won’t use it.If you have used one in a gym and like the action then yes it’s probably a good buy. But remember, the rowing machine in the gym will be a top commercial model and if your budget is limited it won’t feel as smooth or be as easy to use.

So before you buy a rowing machine ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you like the rowing action?
  • How much can you afford to spend?
  • Do you have the space? (consider folding models if this is limited)
  • How often do you think you’ll use it?

If you are sure you’ll use it and are motivated to get fit and into shape then a rowing machine can be an excellent and safe way to do so. If you have a good technique the changes of injury are very small indeed.

Next you need to decide how much you’re prepared to spend on a rower. You can spend anything from around a hundred dollars to well over a thousand, so you can imagine there is quite a difference in quality and features. Budget models can represent false economy if you get a machine that is difficult to use or doesn’t deliver the workout you need.

Then you need to know if the machine will fit your room, support your weight, be long enough for your legs, and won’t annoy the neighbors – check the vital statistics here.

The last decision you will need to make it what type of rowing machine will best suit your needs. The type relates to the braking mechanism used to provide the resistance.



The Hydrow is a rowing machine, antagonist workout class, personal trainer and AR experience all rolled into one. It provides a near-silent, ultrasmooth row thanks to its nylon pull and electromagnetic resistance, while its display shows your strokes-per-minute rate, calories burned and heart rate. (Although the Hydrow works with heart rate monitors, it isn’t compatible with wearables or smart watches.) If you make use of the display screen’s Live Outdoor Reality, you can feel as if you’re actually out on the water when you’re rowing.

Aside from the indoor rowing experience itself, Hydrow’s rowing workout appeal comes from the variety of streamable class videos available through its class membership service. Rowing classes range in length from 10 to 45 minutes, while yoga, pilates and other full body workout options can run between 5 and 20 minutes.

It provides a near-silent, ultrasmooth row Not found
electromagnetic resistance

Concept2 Model D

Members of Reddit’s fitness and home gym communities have been singing the praises of Concept2 in general and the brand’s Model D for a while now, and it’s fair to see why. It’s durable, easy to maintain (its nickel-plated chain requires less frequent oiling than other rowing machines) and equipped with a smooth, quiet air-resistance flywheel.

With such a dependable construction, it’s the perfect pick for a lifelong rower. At the same time, it offers enough bells and whistles to be more than a utilitarian machine. Chief among these features is the performance monitor, which tracks calories burned, pace, speed, distance and watts, and offers five different display options, including games to make your indoor rowing machine workout more fun.

offers five different display options Not found
including games to make your indoor rowing machine workout more fun.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

With magnetic resistance (of which it offers eight levels) and an LCD display that shows your time, count and calories, among other stats, Sunny’s rowing machine checks all the essential boxes. In other words, it’s nothing fancy. Some reviewers pointed out that this budget rowing machine’s chain is pretty loud and its small display screen could be bigger and clearer.

It has more than enough, however, to make a beginner into a rowing devotee.

With magnetic resistance chain is pretty loud
LCD display that shows your time

Stamina Body 1050 Rowing Machine

At about 52 inches long, the Stamina Body 1050 rower is pocket-size in comparison with the other machines on our list. But we’d argue that’s this hydraulic rowing machine’s biggest draw — if you’re an apartment dweller or someone who doesn’t have the space for more than a couple of hand weights in your home gym, this should be your No. 1 indoor rowing machine pick.

And just because you’re sacrificing size doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on a solid workout with this indoor rower: This chainless hydraulic rower model offers a wider range of motion when rowing, and its hydraulic piston system can be adjusted with 12 levels of hydraulic resistance. Meanwhile, its (admittedly pretty small) display monitors workout time, stroke count, calories burned and total number of accumulated strokes.

chainless hydraulic rower model Not found
display monitors workout time, stroke count, calories burned

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

This rower lives up to its “natural” title with its solid wood design and water-based resistance, which allows smooth rowing strokes and gives a more realistic rowing experience. Plus, the WaterRower is designed to be quieter than conventional rowers, as wood tends to absorb more sound than, say, metal.

As much as the WaterRower aims to create a realistic water rowing machine experience, you won’t miss out on your workout metrics, thanks to the performance monitor that tracks speed, intensity, time, distance, stroke rate and heart rate (if, that is, you buy WaterRower’s heart rate monitor kit as well). If you ask us, it’s easily the most aesthetically pleasing rower on this list. However, that sleek wood construction also means that, while it can be stored vertically, it can’t fold up to save space.

 it can be stored vertically Not found
Monitor  tracks speed, intensity, time, distance, stroke rate

ProForm 750R Rower

This rower from ProForm boasts Stamina’s compact foldability, as well as Hydrow’s high-tech perks (with a lower price tag). iF It  Coach is a tablet-enabled app with a vast library of rowing workout videos and classes, plus helpful performance info like speed and heart rate.

The rower itself is equipped with a secure tablet holder above its metric console. Speaking of metrics, ProForm logs distance, time, calories burned, strokes and resistance stats. With 24 levels of magnetic resistance for a light or intense workout and iFit’s various classes available, this magnetic rower is great both for beginners and for more experienced rowers looking to level up.

The rower itself is equipped with a secure tablet holder Not found
With 24 levels of magnetic resistance

Murtisol Air Rower 2.0

Often mentioned in the same breath as the Concept2, this rower is similarly high-quality without being too expensive. Its 10 levels of air resistance allow for great indoor rowing variability and its heavily padded seat keep longer workouts comfortable, but the difference-maker with the murtisol’s air rower is the extent to which it monitors your performance and improvement as a rower.

For starters, it tracks your basic metrics like time, distance, strokes per minute, calories burned, watts, total strokes and heart rate (if you connect the rower to a heart rate monitor). But beyond those helpful stats, this rower also charts such measurements as average number of meters per stroke, average and max watts, max heart rate, and calories burned per hour. The murtisol makes it easy to stay up to date on your progress.

10 levels of air resistance Not found
this rower also charts such measurements as average number of meters per stroke


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