New Ashley Young hair cut leaves fans confused

Inter Milan utility player Ashley Young has left fans in a confused state after a picture of him in a clean hair cut surfaced online.

The 34-year-old former Aston Villa captain looked like a 17-year-old in the picture to the amusement football fans who are used to seeing wearing a certain look.

Young, left the fans talking after a picture of him with a bushy hair surfaced few days back shortly after Italian clubs were given the go ahead to start training after all sporting activities were abandoned due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Fans who had always seen him without hair, always on low cut, were shocked to find him with hair all over his head as the believe had been ‘he was bald’.

As Italian clubs prepare for the resumption of Serie A, again Ashley Young was spotted today with a clean, fine hair cut that left him looking like a 17-year-old, fans just had to speak out.

One fan said the plan to keep low cut through his 20s was to ensure he doesn’t lose his hairline in his old age.

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